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Our city is known for its beautiful architecture, and our neighborhoods are no exception. That’s why extra care must be taken with heritage painting in Melbourne – we want to preserve the history of the city. Heritage home painting can be far more difficult than painting newer houses. Not only can the house be more damaged than others, due to its age, but colours and finishes must be chosen to compliment the original design and style. As professional heritage painters, we promise to help your home remain beautiful for years to come.

“At its best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future.”

To ensure your home reaches its full potential, we follow certain steps:

  • We fill in cracks (no matter how small) to prevent any further damage.
  • We sand and wash down the area so the paint can properly adhere to the surface.
  • We work with you to choose a colour scheme that suits your home.

Colour Consultancy

Part of the high-quality heritage painting services that we offer a colour consultancy meeting when you choose us as your painter. We want to ensure that you use the best colours to complement your home. If you’re having the interior painted, you can be far more flexible with your colour schemes, and paint to suit your personal style. However, if you’re painting the exterior, we suggest paying homage to the original designs.

heritage painting services
professional heritage painters
heritage painting

“The home has a wonderful, different feel to it since you and your excellent crew have been through! Many thanks for a wonderful and expert job.”

S. V. Keyes-Pearce, Camberwell

“A first class job by Jan and his expert team. Meticulous attention to detail, friendly service and all work completed within the given time estimate. I thoroughly recommend Living Colours Painting & Paperhanging.”

Michael Kane
Heritage Home Painter
heritage home
heritage painting services
Professional Heritage Painters

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