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Colour Consultancy

Whether you’re considering a feature wall, or your renovating your entire house, a lick of paint can transform your home in an instant. But how do you know exactly what colour is right for you and your style? At Living Colours, we’re proud to offer you free access to our trusted independent colour consultants, when you choose us as your painter, so that you can decide on the perfect paint for any space.

“Remember, colour is not just colour, but mood, temperature and structure.”

What does colour consulting involve:

  • Whether you’re using an interior or exterior colour consultant, they listen to your inspiration and ideas so you can achieve your dream.
  • Your consultant will then carefully consider each space, looking for limitations and strengths, such as lighting and architecture.
  • They will help you choose a scheme that is not only unique, but suits you, your family, and lifestyle.

Why it matters

The best paint colour consultants in Melbourne don’t just look at the colours you want to use, but also at how they will look in your home. We think a discussion with out colour consultant is the perfect way to ensure your home exceeds your expectations, no matter how confused you are by the myriad of choices available.

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“I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful job Living Colours has done in painting my home. Throughout, there was daily communication with you to ensure that the colours were going to enhance the property and I was impressed with you bringing to my attention other aspects which needed further discussion during the days of preparation. With Mark and Matt working on the project for the entire time, it was easy to have these two fine professionals in my home. The attention to small details by you and your team was impressive and I am really thrilled with the results. Thank you for all the work you have done, your daily visits, interest and professionalism. I highly recommend you and your team at ‘Living Colours.’ Thank you for caring so much. ”

Pam Putt, Box Hill South
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