What Does the Colour of Your House Say About You?

31 . 12 . 2018

It’s no secret that we choose to decorate our home with things that appeal to us. Even the tiniest of details are placed within our walls for a reason, surely each of these choices must mean something? It turns out the way in which we decorate, and the colours that we use reflect our personalities. One of the biggest choices – what colour we paint our homes – says quite a bit about us as well.

Warm Colours

Just like sunshine, warm shades like reds, oranges and yellows are cheerful and welcoming. As they are so bright, they can spring from the walls and make your home feel cosier and more intimate. Many people who use warm tones are often more friendly and nurturing.

  • Red: One of the most powerful colours, red is used by those who are passionate and driven. Not just something to look at, red actually stimulates our body,raiseing our pulse rate, and giving the impression that time is moving faster. People with red in their lives, from walls to accessories, often can’t stand the mundane, preferring to embrace change instead!
  • Orange:If you’ve painted your home in this warm shade, then your personality radiates energy and vitality. That being said, you may be more fickle and indecisive, though you try you best to get on well with most people.
  • Yellow:The colour of confidence, a yellow home can lift your spirits and improve your self-esteem – if it’s the right shade. Choose the wrong paint and you may feel more fearful and anxious.Whilst you may think it makes you happier, studies have found that people lose their temper more in yellow dominated spaces.

Cool Colours

Cool shades generally draw their inspiration from nature, with soft blues representing the skies and lush greens representing forests and gardens – both of which can be incredibly soothing. Cool colours can provide an oasis in a fast-moving world, and those who use them may be more introverted and quiet.

  • Blue:The colour of the intellect, those who use blue in their home enjoy its soothing presence which aids concentration. You may use your blue walls to help you relax, protecting you from the outside world.
  • Green:It’s no surprise that those who love natural greens are often more down-to-earth, actively trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You are dependable and enjoy helping others!

Jewel Tones

Bold and beautiful, jewel tones are designed to stand out. Those who use them are often outgoing, confident and creative – they want to feel inspired by their surroundings. Even better, despite their bright colours, jewel tones are actually fabulous at hiding flaws, making every home look like an architectural masterpiece.

  • Purple: This colour is said to take your awareness to a higher level of thought. Known for being unconventional and adventurous, using purple can help portray a sense of glamour and finesse. Using purple tones in your home suggests that you’re highly individual and witty – and maybe even a little bit dangerous.


It comes as no surprise that neutral colours have a clean, classic and crisp look, which appeals to a lot of people. Yet that doesn’t mean they are ‘boring’, instead, they may be more practical as they aren’t having to redecorate their entire home each time their tastes change.

  • White: Associated with purity and innocence, many people choose white as a new beginning. Whilst it definitely doesn’t stimulate the senses, it represents infinite opportunities – at least as far as décor is concerned.
  • Grey: Grey homes are often inhabited by those who are impressive and dignified, but not showy. They crave order and direction, and meticulously plan everything down to the finest detail. However, too much grey may suggest a lack of confidence.
  • Black: Similar to a grey interior, black homes are sophisticated and uncompromising. Like grey, you’re a meticulous planner with a love for the finer things.

Alternatively, you may think the colour you choose to paint your residential house isn’t a reflection of your personality, but actually just your personal tastes. That’s fine too! The only thing that matters is that you choose a colour that you and your family love, and that way your home is sure to look beautiful for many years to come.

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