Fresh Christmas Colours: 12 Colour Combinations You’ve Never Tried in Your Home

06 . 12 . 2018

With the festive season finally here, many of us are looking for ways to freshen up our homes. Whether we’re hosting the annual Christmas dinner or you’re holding a relaxed boxing day get together with your friends, it’s not surprising that you want to create a space that is attractive and inviting for your guests. If you’re looking to try something new, we’ve put together our favourite colour combinations that are perfect for an interior paint palette or introducing with new decor.

  1. Nude and White
    Perfect for a Hamptons or Scandinavian home, this combination is both natural and modern. White walls and a white tree pair beautifully with wicker or woven ornaments.
  2. Lavender and Silver
    With lavender bringing in a fresh twist and silver providing the classic touch, you can’t go wrong. Consider a silver or grey tree, ornaments in shades of purple and silver, and paint your walls a very pale lavender.
  3. Pale Blue, Red and White
    Consider an icy blue tree this year and pale blue walls – paired with white and red decorations, this combination actually looks far more traditional than you would expect, thanks to the pops of red.
  4. Shades of Blue
    Turn your home into a winter wonderland (even in the middle of summer) with decorations and an interior paint palette in shades of blue! Whether you love deep blues and navy or powder blues and whites, there’s something for everyone.
  5. Black White and Red
    Perfect for those who want to stick to tradition, your Santa suit won’t look out of place here! Consider black and white checks and red stockings throughout for a classic finish.
  6. Soft Blue and Grass Green
    Ideal for bringing the outdoors in, soft baby blues and light grass greens will ensure your house is looking fresh this Christmas! Either colour would be excellent for painting the walls too!
  7. Mint Green and Pale Pink
    If you want to bring a retro look into your Christmas – with a modern twist – then this is the combo you need! Go all out on the decorations and décor, and pair with white walls.
  8. Berry and Cream
    Recreate a warm winter experience in the middle of summer with deep berry shades throughout your home! Paired beautifully with a natural pine, red decorations will pop against a cream interior.
  9. Chartreuse and Turquoise
    Ideal for seaside living, this bright and bold pair will complement your home throughout the year as well as during Christmas! If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider painting your walls a deep turquoise too!
  10. Burnt Orange and Gold
    Earthy and autumnal, this palette pairs beautifully with a natural tree. Consider a gold interior or a burnt orange feature wall, whilst gold decorations are the perfect nod toward tradition.
  11. Black and Purple
    For a truly opulent finish, deep purples and blacks are an excellent choice. We love a pale aubergine wall paired with bright purple decorations – choose a black tree to stand out from the crowd!
  12. Eucalypt and Blush Pink
    Modern, fresh, and very much in fashion, this trend embraces the Australian Christmas. With pale, earthy greens and the blush pink that has become so popular, your home will look stunning year-round too!

With such a wide range of options, there are colour combinations to suit every taste and architectural style. Whether you’re considering a new interior paint palette in time for the silly season or you want to refresh your decor coming into Christmas, Living Colours has experience needed to create a masterpiece. If you’re not sure which combination would work best within your home, then speak with our colour consultants today!

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